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The Highborn Lady – A Pen and Ink Caricature-drawing.

Read the Story, “The Highborn Lady and the Golden-haired Girl” here.

A proud, high-born woman with a streak of evil - a pen and ink drawing.


Off to fetch some animal-drawings 🙂

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Pen and Ink Portraits of a Different Kind…

… and of a different era 🙂

Here are two illustrations that I did quite long ago (in 2003) and they belong to a genre called fantasy art. The one I loved best was that of a woman warrior. I had got it framed too, but some years ago, our office was robbed and the artwork too got stolen. As none of other paintings or drawings were stolen, I like to think that the thief stole it because he liked the drawing, and that he would be taking good care of it.

These drawings were also some of the first pen and ink drawings that I did, and so when they sprung up during a spring-cleaning exercise, I decided to put them on the wall behind my workstation.

Pen and ink fantasy-art - knight fighting evil and woman prisoner - artist shafali

Actual sizes: Approximately 1 ft by 1 ft.

I also received the photograph of one of the pup-portraits that I did, after the owners got it framed. In my next post I’ll share it with you 🙂


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Pet Portrait Commission: A Handsome Lhasa Apso.

Another portrait that I did for a Christmas gift was this handsome Lhasa Apso with a devil-may-care attitude. It was a challenge to get those eyes right, because they were often hidden behind his fur, but in the end I did get them right, and got an approval from Ike’s human dad, “Yep, that’s Ike!” he said.

Ike’s portrait was a gift from a daughter to her parents. Speaking of love and of a connection of hearts, pet-portraits do bind families together – because pets are loved by everyone in the family equally, and they love everyone in the family equally.

Pet Portrait - Lhasa Apso Ike from Atlanta Georgia.

I really really wanted to draw the Ike that his human family sees. If you notice, you’ll see that the reference image has a fringe of hair that covers his left-eye. I thought and thought and in my heart I knew that when the family would see Ike, they’d ignore the fringe and see both his eyes. I looked at his other pictures, and decided that I’ll pat the fringe down in the portrait.  When I heard from the client on the scan, I was glad I did 🙂

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Pet Portrait Commission: A Cute Border Terrier from Fairfax, VA.

While I am not totally healed, I am trying to return to my normal routine 🙂 For the first time in my life (I think,) I’ve not sketched nor drawn or painted for one straight month. While I’ve tried to blog, most of my blogging attempts have been feeble at best. As I’ve said in one of my earlier posts, an artist blogger has to do two different things to get a post ready – drawing and writing…and while writing is something that you can do lying on the bed, drawing requires that you are vertically-abled.

Now that I can keep myself in a chair for half-hour stretches, I opened Photoshop to bring you the portrait of Dodger, a cute Border Terrier from Fairfax, VA. His Mom commissioned me to do his portrait as a Christmas gift for her family more than a month ago.

I loved it but what’s more important is the Dodger’s mom loved it too. Thank you 🙂

Pet Portrait of Cute Border Terrier Dog of Virginia by shafali

There’s nothing more heartwarming that the loving and trusting look in the eyes of your dog…and for some of us…in the eyes of any dog 🙂 As an artist, I try to look into those eyes and capture their unconditional love for their families.

I am beginning to accept new commissions of Pen and Ink portraits starting Jan 15th, 2015. If you’d like me to create a portrait of your furry friend, drop me a line. My email id is at the bottom of the image above. You can also use this contact form here.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


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Welcoming the New Year with some Crazy Pen and Ink Portraits.

The year was tough…and it ended on a tough note. Actually, I am rather relieved to see the back of this year and I am looking forward with hope and anticipation toward the New Year.

Here are a few pen and ink caricature-portraits that just spilled out of my pen, uncalled, unbidden. I’ll shortly share the pet-portraits that I did recently, but in this post, let me present my recent scribblings.

Caricature Portrait of a man laughing.

Brimming full of positivity – harmless and happy – at peace with himself!


Sinner, a glimpse of hell, angry man portrait

A Sinner’s insides burn continuously, until the devil strips him of the last shred of his humanity.


Portrait caricature of a goon with a heart, a smiling man, bearded man

Unkempt and Shabby, but with a heart of gold and a smile that remains unmarked. There’s hope for him…still!

Click on the images to read about the genesis/posts about these caricatures 🙂

I wish all my visitors a very



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Christmas Gifts of Pet Portraits – A furry pawsome reason for not blogging enough.

You can tell when an artist blogger is busy. It’s when she isn’t making any new posts. Unlike writer bloggers who don’t have to get out of their writing-mindset for making a blog post, we artists need to break the flow of our artistic endeavors to step into our awkward writing shoes, before we make a post, but then if we don’t blog, we can’t tell you what we’ve been up to – it’s a catch-22 situation.

To cut a long yarn short, I’ve been busy creating some furry pawsome pet portraits for my dog-loving clients in Georgia, Virginia, and soon now, California. I’ve also been working on a few illustrations (magazine covers/inner-illustrations) and a caricature-logo/mascot header for an entrepreneur, but right now…it’s Christmas time and pet-portraits have most of my attention.

If you want to gift a portrait or a pet to a loved-one, drop me a line using this contact form, or just email me (my email id is available on all the portrait-images.) I also do people-portraits, cat portraits, and portraits of other animals, so if you’d like to explore possibilities, I’ll be happy to help you decide.

Now I must return to sketching, drawing, and painting…so that I can mail you the smiles in time 🙂 I promise to be back with a lot of interesting stuff soon.


Terrier-ized for Life!

A simple Terrier drawing that just happened. Life has been pretty rough lately and when what started as a simple doodle changed into this drawing, even I was surprised.

Lesson Learned: Life is full of little surprises. Every little thing you do, results in something. Inaction, however, results in nothing.

This drawing began with that little terrier who’s sitting in the middle wondering if that ball is really his. Then came the cutie who wants that specific ball. Next came the guy who’s standing with his paws on the ball-seeking terrier’s back. This guy was followed by the dozer, who in turn was followed by the pup who’s interested in the squirrel. Next came the singing gal, and finally the busy digger who’s being snickered at by his quest!

Dogs, Pups, Terriers, Pen and Ink Drawing - Cartoon art for artifacts, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

“Terrier-ized” Size: 7 inches x 7 inches

If you’ve not seen my terrier portraits yet, the following links will take you there.

1. A Terrific Wire Fox Terrier
2. A Cute Cairn Terrier

If you are Terrier-ized too, write to me at my email id (please check the image above.) If you have a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) or a Pit Bull Terrier… or any other dog or cat for that matter, I’d love to draw them. My pet-portrait fees are extremely reasonable for the obvious reason:  I love drawing the cuties…that’s why 🙂

More later…

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