The Spirited Springer Spaniel



This is what the author Larry Shook  said about my kind:
“The spaniel heart is warm. The soft spaniel eye brims with love. If ever the world’s diplomats and arms negotiators learn the spaniel gaze, there will be peace on earth.”

I am an English Springer Spaniel.

Portrait of the English Springer Spaniel

Portrait of Springer Spaniel done in pen and ink - Custom Portrait Commissions of Pets by Shafali - Animal drawings, Illustrations, Sketches, Wildlife art, Artworks etc. in black and white.

Portrait: Springer Spaniel | Medium: Pen & Ink | Size: 8 inches x 10 inches

First, a clarification.
Springer spaniels are of two types.
1. English Springer Spaniels and
2. Welsh Springer Spaniels.

We are almost the same except that the Welsh Spaniels have a more square body structure and are more independent than the English Springer Spaniels.

What distinguishes us from other dogs is our long droopy ears that are almost as long as our heads and are covered with thick wavy hair.

I must also tell you that there’s another dog-breed that’s called Cocker Spaniels. The Cocker Spaniels were considered Springer Spaniels till 1800s. Historically however, springer spaniels were bred as gun dogs for hunting missions or flushing the game from marshes etc. We are good retrievers and we love to retrieve, whether it be the hunted game or a ball from a yard. We are also good at recognizing scents (almost as good as that scent hound Beagle) and are often employed at ports and airports to sniff out illegal items and immigrants.

By nature, we springer spaniels are very affectionate and love company. We are excellent family dogs for families that can devote time to their dog and play with them. Definitely springer spaniels aren’t for the elderly who live a sedentary life, because we are high-energy dogs who love to play. We have excellent memory and will dig out hidden objects even after months. We are very gentle with people both with children and strangers. They aren’t very aggressive and love the company of people. It is often said that quite like Boxer they too never leave their puppyhood.

Springer Spaniels have a lot of stamina and so walking us two to three times a day is quite normal. In absence of exercise we could become dull and destructive. If we are trained from puppyhood, training us is easy.

The Springer Spaniel’s Physical Attributes:

  • Height: 18-21 in
  • Weight: 48-72 lb
  • Coat: The coat’s color is Liver or black with white markings – mainly white with black or liver markings. They have tan markings especially on their legs and snout. Colors vary from dark red to fawn and brindled with white markings. Their long-haired coat is thick and needs regular brushing on daily basis.
  • Life Span:  12-14 years

Pictures of Celebrities and Famous Personalities with their spaniels:

Hear are pictures of some celebrities with spaniels

Springer Spaniels on Pinterest:

Here is an interesting pin on Springer Spaniels

Amazing Springer Spaniel Heroes:


Murphy works for Her Majesty’s Prison Service in Norwich, UK, and searches for mobile phones.


Buster the  Royal Army Veterinary Corps search-dog was given the prestigious Dickin Medal for for discovering the explosive to be deployed by extremists in Iraq.

Here is a cute photo of Buster with his handler Sgt Danny Morgan after he received the PDSA Dickin Medal


Jake, aka Hubble Keck, a London Metropolitan dog was given People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals Gold Medal and Blue Cross Animal Hospital Medal for playing an active and  critical role in explosives detection after the London Bombings in July 2005.


SFPD dog Mac, a three year-old Springer awarded a Department star for his assistance in the seizure of more than $3,750,000.00 in illegal proceeds from narcotics trafficking.


Jack, the Springer Spaniel and member of Arms and Explosives Search dogs team saves lives in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Murphy:

Mrs. Murphy a pet spaniel saves life of South Wales woman by sniffing out breast cancer.

AKC Page for Poodles:

Visit this link to seek more information on English Springer Spaniels on American Kennel Club Website.


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  1. Love the Springer…….. do you ever draw owners pets? If so, I’d love to get in touch.

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