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My dog’s dad commissioned me to do her Portrait :)

Finally, it’s happened.

A Pet-portrait Commission;

I’ve been commissioned to do my own dog’s portrait, and believe it or not, it isn’t a-portrait-for-an-eat-out/order-in kind of art-commission; it’s a fee-based commission.  So I worked a little harder this week and now I am all set to start inking the portrait of my fur-kid. Not that she hasn’t inspired me to fill my sketchbooks with her sketches, caricatures, and cartoons all these years – but this is going to be a finished Pen and Ink portrait of my furry doll. I know it’s going to be framed and added to one of our walls, which are already groaning under the combined weight of around two dozen artworks, but I am rather looking forward to the new addition 🙂

A Personal Portrait too;

When I am done with it, I’ll post her portrait here. Along with the photograph that I used as a reference. It would give you an idea of how I create pet portraits from photographs. I am also working on a very beautiful lady’s portrait. Once the portrait is done, accepted, and delivered; I’ll present it here and talk about the process of creating it. More on this later.

And Some Good News from the K9 Quarters!

Meanwhile, there’s some good dog-news from Olympia, Washington. A war veteran Bob Mitchell whose dog Maximus was, in all probability, stolen; got him back. How? He was texted by the people who had Maximus, and so he got his pup back. The mystery behind it all is: how did the supposedly good Samaritans (who preferred to stay anonymous) came in possession of the dog. My take? The pup was stolen (along with his toys and blankets, mind you;) by a youngster known to the family, and then when they family realized what had happened, they decided to return the dog. But then, I have a fertile imagination…so I may be totally off the mark here. Nevertheless, I am happy that it all ended in smiles.

Now I must return to my desk, and hope that my art too brings smiles to people. There’s nothing more fulfilling, is there?

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