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A Nice Little Tutorial on Pen and Ink Drawing coming up shortly :)

This week is dedicated to a huge scene that I am creating (literally, and I am using the word to mean what it meant several decades ago. If you didn’t know, “Literally” now means “figuratively. Go Figure!) I’ll share more details on my caricatures blog when I can.

In the meantime, I am here to share a link to this post by Khyra, a lovely Siberian Husky. I did her portrait last week. I’ll share it here in a couple of days.

A visitor wondered how one must begin Pen and Ink Drawings, and I thought that I could add a tutorial or two to the ever-expanding art-tutorial collection on the web. In the coming week, I’ll make the first post in the series that I have planned, “Pen and Ink Art for the Absolute Beginner.”

If you’d like to see more of my work/commissions or learn how to draw Pen and Ink portraits/scenes, click the Follow link on this blog, and connect up 🙂

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