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A Portrait of a Terrific Terrier in Pen & Ink – A commission from the Past.

This is the portrait of Mr. Dewey Dewster. This handsome dog is a bachelor-boy who lives with his mom and his adopted brother who is a Lakeland Terrier. One of these days, I’ll be drawing his mom too. I’ve already received the photographs for reference πŸ™‚

Pet Portraits - Wire Fox Terrier - Dewey Dewester in Pen and Ink - Commissions .

You can read the post that I made about my experience of drawing him, here.

Here’s the portrait image with the reference that I used for drawing it.

Pet Portraits in Pen and Ink using Photos as reference - Dewey Dewester Wire Fox Terrier.

Actual Dimensions: 8 inches by 10 inches.


Here’s the final image of the portrait. It’s of course a scan that has been scaled down to this size πŸ™‚

Wire Fox Terrier Dewey Dewester's portrait - medium pen and ink - pet portrait artist: shafali

And now the final image, at Dewey’s house. Dewey’s Gram sent over the photograph πŸ™‚ Thanks so much, Nancy.

Portrait of Dewey Dewester looks nice on the wall - A portrait of a WFT - done in Pen and Ink.

When Dewey Dewster’s Gram received the portrait, she wrote me an email. With her permission, I am sharing an excerpt from it.

“Just a few minutes ago Glenn signed for Dewey’s portrait. Shafali, it is just beautiful and you are so talented that it never ceases to amaze me. I will cherish it forever and I will look for the perfect matting and frame for it so I can enjoy it on our wall. It looks just like Dewey so there is no mistaking who it actually is.” – Nancy (Dewey’s Gram.)

Thanks Nancy. I enjoyed drawing Dewey’s Portrait and I now look forward to drawing Asta Marie’s πŸ™‚

Visit Dewey Dewester’s blog here.

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