Presenting the Portrait of Her Furry Majesty, Ms. Khyra of Pennsylvania!

Ladies and Gentlemen of both furry and non-furry kinds,

I take immense pleasure in introducing you to one of the most beautiful Siberian Huskies in the world. Please meet Ms. Khyra a.k.a. Ms. Fluffy Tail, who rules the heart of Ms. Wise. You can meet her at Khyra’s Khorner (http://khyraskhorner.blogspot.com)

I always, always, always wanted to do a Pen and Ink Portrait of a Siberian Husky…and if you know Sibes, you know that most Sibes look…well…rather formidable – and it goes without saying that all of them, without exception, look majestic too. Khyra, looks majestic and sweet. I know that I’d love to roll on the grass with her, that if I ever met Khyra in person, I’d  want to lie down with my head between her paws and look up at her face  – I’d love to be that close to her. I don’t know why but I can just look into those big beautiful eyes, and feel the connection – even though I’ve never met her – just seen her pictures.

Perhaps when you look at her picture and her portraits, and if you love dogs as much as I do, you’ll know why I feel that way.

Pet Portrait of Khyra, the Siberian Husky who is her mom's darling.

Isn’t she the prettiest Sibe you’ve every laid eyes on?

Here’s the portrait along with the picture that I used to draw her.

Khyra's Portrait - Khyra is a lovely Sibe who lives in Pennsylvania :)


And a closer up view. I must tell you (and I repeat what another Pen and Ink Artist will tell you,) Pen and Ink art loses some of its beauty when it’s presented online. The original images when scanned and printed at a high-resolution, preserve those millions of micro-lines that are lost when we have to scale the images down to present them online. And yet, when it comes to dogs – nothing can really reduce their charm.

Siberian Husky Art - Featured: Miss Khyra, the Sweetest Sibe in the world!

If you arrive on this blog, particularly on this post and you like Ms. Khyra’s portrait here, please leave a remark. It will motivate me to post more of my creations online.

And yes, do visit Khyra’s blog 🙂

2 comments on “Presenting the Portrait of Her Furry Majesty, Ms. Khyra of Pennsylvania!

  1. That is just an absolutely beautiful portrait of the very beautiful Khyra! Wonderful work!

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