Terrier-ized for Life!

A simple Terrier drawing that just happened. Life has been pretty rough lately and when what started as a simple doodle changed into this drawing, even I was surprised.

Lesson Learned: Life is full of little surprises. Every little thing you do, results in something. Inaction, however, results in nothing.

This drawing began with that little terrier who’s sitting in the middle wondering if that ball is really his. Then came the cutie who wants that specific ball. Next came the guy who’s standing with his paws on the ball-seeking terrier’s back. This guy was followed by the dozer, who in turn was followed by the pup who’s interested in the squirrel. Next came the singing gal, and finally the busy digger who’s being snickered at by his quest!

Dogs, Pups, Terriers, Pen and Ink Drawing - Cartoon art for artifacts, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

“Terrier-ized” Size: 7 inches x 7 inches

If you’ve not seen my terrier portraits yet, the following links will take you there.

1. A Terrific Wire Fox Terrier
2. A Cute Cairn Terrier

If you are Terrier-ized too, write to me at my email id (please check the image above.) If you have a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) or a Pit Bull Terrier… or any other dog or cat for that matter, I’d love to draw them. My pet-portrait fees are extremely reasonable for the obvious reason:  I love drawing the cuties…that’s why 🙂

More later…

2 comments on “Terrier-ized for Life!

  1. How adorable! It’s wonderful ☺

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