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Welcoming the New Year with some Crazy Pen and Ink Portraits.

The year was tough…and it ended on a tough note. Actually, I am rather relieved to see the back of this year and I am looking forward with hope and anticipation toward the New Year.

Here are a few pen and ink caricature-portraits that just spilled out of my pen, uncalled, unbidden. I’ll shortly share the pet-portraits that I did recently, but in this post, let me present my recent scribblings.

Caricature Portrait of a man laughing.

Brimming full of positivity – harmless and happy – at peace with himself!


Sinner, a glimpse of hell, angry man portrait

A Sinner’s insides burn continuously, until the devil strips him of the last shred of his humanity.


Portrait caricature of a goon with a heart, a smiling man, bearded man

Unkempt and Shabby, but with a heart of gold and a smile that remains unmarked. There’s hope for him…still!

Click on the images to read about the genesis/posts about these caricatures 🙂

I wish all my visitors a very



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