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Pen and Ink Portrait of an Indian Tribal Woman from the Gadaba Tribe of Odisha

I completed this pen and ink portrait of a woman from the Gadaba tribe of India. The most important piece of their jewelry is the twin-neckrings they were all their lives. The neck-rings that together weigh about 1.5 kgs are called Khagla that all grownup women of the community wear. The Khagla is put around their necks by a blacksmith and it’s removed by a blacksmith after death.

Additionally, they also wear huge hoops made of thin gold/brass wires twisted together. These hoops go through the cartilage of the ear. Smaller earrings are worn along the edge of the ear and also in the lobe.

Indian Tribal Portraits in Pen and Ink - Gadaba Woman

Gadaba Woman – Tribal Portraits in Pen and Ink – done on Acid Free Strathmore sheet of 9″x12″

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