Presenting the Portrait of Her Furry Majesty, Ms. Khyra of Pennsylvania!

Ladies and Gentlemen of both furry and non-furry kinds,

I take immense pleasure in introducing you to one of the most beautiful Siberian Huskies in the world. Please meet Ms. Khyra a.k.a. Ms. Fluffy Tail, who rules the heart of Ms. Wise. You can meet her at Khyra’s Khorner (http://khyraskhorner.blogspot.com)

I always, always, always wanted to do a Pen and Ink Portrait of a Siberian Husky…and if you know Sibes, you know that most Sibes look…well…rather formidable – and it goes without saying that all of them, without exception, look majestic too. Khyra, looks majestic and sweet. I know that I’d love to roll on the grass with her, that if I ever met Khyra in person, I’d  want to lie down with my head between her paws and look up at her face  – I’d love to be that close to her. I don’t know why but I can just look into those big beautiful eyes, and feel the connection – even though I’ve never met her – just seen her pictures.

Perhaps when you look at her picture and her portraits, and if you love dogs as much as I do, you’ll know why I feel that way.

Pet Portrait of Khyra, the Siberian Husky who is her mom's darling.

Isn’t she the prettiest Sibe you’ve every laid eyes on?

Here’s the portrait along with the picture that I used to draw her.

Khyra's Portrait - Khyra is a lovely Sibe who lives in Pennsylvania :)


And a closer up view. I must tell you (and I repeat what another Pen and Ink Artist will tell you,) Pen and Ink art loses some of its beauty when it’s presented online. The original images when scanned and printed at a high-resolution, preserve those millions of micro-lines that are lost when we have to scale the images down to present them online. And yet, when it comes to dogs – nothing can really reduce their charm.

Siberian Husky Art - Featured: Miss Khyra, the Sweetest Sibe in the world!

If you arrive on this blog, particularly on this post and you like Ms. Khyra’s portrait here, please leave a remark. It will motivate me to post more of my creations online.

And yes, do visit Khyra’s blog 🙂

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Father’s eyes fastened to the summer-skies…cross-posting from my other blog.

The most terrible and unimaginable fate that can befall a father is that his daughter is raped violently and then killed. The two cases that made me cry silent tears were the Badaun Rape case or the Delhi Rape case – just two among thousands of other such cases.  I’ve talked about the experience of writing and drawing this, on my other blog shafali.wordpress.com. I am posting it here because it’s Pen and Ink art – a mere technicality. Perhaps I am doing it because I want you to read it and cry along – because they say pain reduces when it’s shared, or because your tears, even when shed thousands of miles away, could help a father’s ravaged soul heal…if not in life, then after his own death.

Father's eyes - the picture in his eye that won't fade - badaun and delhi gang rapes, violence against women - must stop.


Those girls hanging from the tree…they are real. They were gang-raped and then hung from a tree, and the father of one of the girls was informed that he could now get their bodies down from the tree and bring them home.

What kind of evil lurks beneath the surface of humanity?


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Artists and Writers who don’t deserve to be seen or read!

Recently, I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that some artists and writers have been criminals of the worst kind. Last year I came to terms with the reality of Enid Blyton’s unfortunate treatment of her daughters and her husband. I sometimes wonder why a person who was smart enough to write such good stories wasn’t able to figure out that she’s not mom-material? If you are so wrapped up in yourself and your art/writing, stop yourself from creating and then ruining lives. And yet, however dark we may paint Enid Blyton’s character, it pales in comparison to what certain other writers and artists did.

One of my Facebook acquaintances happened to mention the dark past of Marion Zimmer Bradley (Mists of Avalon fame) and it made me cry. I don’t know how I and why I ended up reading about Eric Gill (the artist who is credited with the creation of Gill Sans and Perpetua fonts among others.) I almost gagged when I learned about his terrible past. A lot of artists and writers are a little unhinged, but they took their aberrations to the darkest and the deepest crevices that might exist in the floor of hell. These artists and writers, in my opinion, shouldn’t be read and their works should be destroyed totally. This isn’t likely to happen though. Why would a publishing house stop publishing Bradley, a tremendously successful author; and why would the current owners of the installations made by Eric Gill (who also did Pen and Ink Art,) raze their hundreds of thousands of Dollars worth of assets to the ground? They won’t.

Oddly enough, I care. I feel glad that I never read Blyton, or Bradley for that matter. I hope that I haven’t used Perpetua or any other font created by any other incestuous pedophile.

But then, there might be a lot of other criminals lurking behind the masks of perfectly normal, slightly cranky artists. The whole idea scares me. It drills a huge hole in my ship of trust and respect for the creators of art and literature – and I fret that if that hole isn’t filled soon, the ship may sink, leaving a hollow in my heart.

I am grateful to all the artists and writers who continue to hold on to reality – each does it in his own way; they often make sacrifices that are visible only to them – but they do, because they don’t want their short-comings to affect the lives of others.

I read that there’s a school of thought that says, “separate the writer from the writing, the artist from the art.”  I don’t think it’s possible. At least for me, they are inextricably linked – because art is made from the artist’s experiences – and regardless of how it was celebrated before we knew about the artist’s past, we must stop our adulation now.

The usual, brighter stuff coming up soon.


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A Portrait of a Terrific Terrier in Pen & Ink – A commission from the Past.

This is the portrait of Mr. Dewey Dewster. This handsome dog is a bachelor-boy who lives with his mom and his adopted brother who is a Lakeland Terrier. One of these days, I’ll be drawing his mom too. I’ve already received the photographs for reference 🙂

Pet Portraits - Wire Fox Terrier - Dewey Dewester in Pen and Ink - Commissions .

You can read the post that I made about my experience of drawing him, here.

Here’s the portrait image with the reference that I used for drawing it.

Pet Portraits in Pen and Ink using Photos as reference - Dewey Dewester Wire Fox Terrier.

Actual Dimensions: 8 inches by 10 inches.


Here’s the final image of the portrait. It’s of course a scan that has been scaled down to this size 🙂

Wire Fox Terrier Dewey Dewester's portrait - medium pen and ink - pet portrait artist: shafali

And now the final image, at Dewey’s house. Dewey’s Gram sent over the photograph 🙂 Thanks so much, Nancy.

Portrait of Dewey Dewester looks nice on the wall - A portrait of a WFT - done in Pen and Ink.

When Dewey Dewster’s Gram received the portrait, she wrote me an email. With her permission, I am sharing an excerpt from it.

“Just a few minutes ago Glenn signed for Dewey’s portrait. Shafali, it is just beautiful and you are so talented that it never ceases to amaze me. I will cherish it forever and I will look for the perfect matting and frame for it so I can enjoy it on our wall. It looks just like Dewey so there is no mistaking who it actually is.” – Nancy (Dewey’s Gram.)

Thanks Nancy. I enjoyed drawing Dewey’s Portrait and I now look forward to drawing Asta Marie’s 🙂

Visit Dewey Dewester’s blog here.

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A Nice Little Tutorial on Pen and Ink Drawing coming up shortly :)

This week is dedicated to a huge scene that I am creating (literally, and I am using the word to mean what it meant several decades ago. If you didn’t know, “Literally” now means “figuratively. Go Figure!) I’ll share more details on my caricatures blog when I can.

In the meantime, I am here to share a link to this post by Khyra, a lovely Siberian Husky. I did her portrait last week. I’ll share it here in a couple of days.

A visitor wondered how one must begin Pen and Ink Drawings, and I thought that I could add a tutorial or two to the ever-expanding art-tutorial collection on the web. In the coming week, I’ll make the first post in the series that I have planned, “Pen and Ink Art for the Absolute Beginner.”

If you’d like to see more of my work/commissions or learn how to draw Pen and Ink portraits/scenes, click the Follow link on this blog, and connect up 🙂

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A Pen and Ink Portrait from a Photograph.

First, the story. Quickly.

This portrait is of an FB friend of mine and it was inspired by her avatar image (which you see as an inset in the following picture.) I love drawing people too and though this blog has so far not displayed many of my people-portraits, I have done many in the past. Most often the portraits that I do are personal commissions, and unlike my magazine illustrations, they seldom are published. Every once in a while, I receive an email inquiring whether I’d be open to personal commissions. Of course, I am.  An artist is energized by the knowledge that her creative effort would receive the love and affection of the entire family.

I’d like to begin by thanking Mary for giving me the permission to share her photograph with this portrait.  This was a rather small photograph so I had requested her for some additional pictures. Those pictures helped me fill in the details of her features.

Pen and Ink portrait of a beautiful young girl - done in Pen and Ink from a Photograph.


Here’s the portrait. The size of the artwork is approximately 8 inches by 10 inches.

Pen and Ink Portrait of a young woman - done from Photograph.

I enjoyed the process of drawing the portrait immensely.

I am also grateful to Mary for her kind words.

“I love it! You did such wonderful work and I can’t wait to share it with my friends and family! Thank you again and I will enjoy the drawing for years to come!”

Thank you, Mary.

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The Bengal Tiger – Beautiful and Mighty

Portrait of a Bengal Tiger done in pen and ink. Illustrations of pets, horses and other animal-wildlife by portrait artist Shafali - Also Drawings, Sketches of Cats, Kittens, Dogs, Pups, and people.


“For millions of years, on average, one species became extinct every century…. We are now heaving more than a thousand different species of animals and plants off the planet every year.” – Douglas Adams  Author of “Last Chance to See.”

Portrait of Bengal Tiger

Portrait of Bengal Tiger done in pen and ink - Custom Portraits Commissions of Animals and wildlife by Shafali - Artists Drawings, Illustrations and Sketches of pets, dogs, cats, horses, people etc.

Portrait: Bengal Tiger | Drawing Medium: Pen & Ink | Size: 8 inches x 10 inches


Bengal Tiger is the name the given to a species of tiger which is characterized by black/brown stripes over yellow or light orange coat. The species is categorized as endangered species by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) and it is found in Bengal region of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The total population of Bengal Tigers is estimated to be around 2500, and that really puts them on the brink of extinction.

Physical Characteristics of the Bengal Tiger

Height:(at shoulders) 35-45 in
Weight: 450 – 550 lb
Length (including tail): 90 – 120 in
Lifespan: 15-25 years
Top Speed: 60 mph

(Males have bigger bodies than female tigers.)

How Bengal Tigers live in the wild

Tigers are loners, quite like the cat. They live their lives alone and meet only during the mating time. Male tigers establish their areas. In these areas, they seldom allow other males. When an opportunity presents itself, they try to mate with the female tigers of their own region. A region is defined by the availability of food, shelter, and other female tigers. Baby tigers (called the cubs)are brought up exclusively by their mothers with absolutely no help from the father. When the cubs are about six months old, they start assisting their mothers in hunting. This is how they learn to fend for themselves. Around the age of two, tigers de-link from their mother and move away to establish their own territories/rear their own young.

The Tiger is a carnivore that finds its food by hunting other animals like deer, wild boar, buffalo, monkeys, hare, and fowl. As the growing human population encroaches upon the forests, tigers are forced to find their food by attacking and killing domestic animals.They hunt by stealth; they approach their prey quietly and their powerful jaws take care of the rest. Once the prey is killed, they drag it to a safer place and then feed on it at leisure.

Poaching of Tigers & Steps taken by Indian Government to Save Them

Bengal tiger has been a constant target of poachers because of huge demand of tiger skin and its bones, especially from China where tiger bones are used as an ingredient in several traditional medicines. Due to the twin reasons of illegal poaching and shrinking habitats, tiger-numbers have dwindled drastically. The Indian Government has started several initiatives to save the bengal tiger from becoming extinct. In early 2000, Indian government set up eight new tiger reserves. In order to increase focus on the Project Tiger, in 2005, the Indian government also set up  the National Tiger Conservation Authority to save the tigers from poachers.

Other International Organizations Active in Tiger Conservation

Save The Tigers Now

Save Tigers Now is a global campaign by World Wildlife Fund and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s goal is to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, which is the next “Year of the Tiger”.

Save the Tiger Fund (STF) and Panthera Partnership

STF and Panthera have joined hands to save the tigers in wild. According to their site
The Save the Tiger Fund-Panthera partnership unites two of the world’s most influential tiger conservation organizations, combining decades of experience and a track record of success in identifying conservation priorities, utilizing best practices, and implementing proven strategies to address the many challenges facing wild tigers today.”

Tiger Tid-bits

Bengal Tiger vs. Sumatran Tiger

It’s important to note that Bengal Tigers are different from Sumatran Tigers, in that they are double the Sumatran’s size, they aren’t as endangered as the Sumatran tiger (2500 vs. 300 in number,) and they are found mainly on the Indian sub-continent, while the Sumatran tiger is found in Sumatra and Borneo.

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