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Pen and Ink Portraits of a Different Kind…

… and of a different era 🙂

Here are two illustrations that I did quite long ago (in 2003) and they belong to a genre called fantasy art. The one I loved best was that of a woman warrior. I had got it framed too, but some years ago, our office was robbed and the artwork too got stolen. As none of other paintings or drawings were stolen, I like to think that the thief stole it because he liked the drawing, and that he would be taking good care of it.

These drawings were also some of the first pen and ink drawings that I did, and so when they sprung up during a spring-cleaning exercise, I decided to put them on the wall behind my workstation.

Pen and ink fantasy-art - knight fighting evil and woman prisoner - artist shafali

Actual sizes: Approximately 1 ft by 1 ft.

I also received the photograph of one of the pup-portraits that I did, after the owners got it framed. In my next post I’ll share it with you 🙂


One comment on “Pen and Ink Portraits of a Different Kind…

  1. Oh My Dog, what a grrrreat day. We cannot believe that we found you after all this time. We thought you left the blogging world. Your art as always is pawsome, and the drawing of Oorvi is pawtastic.

    Things have changed a bit in our world. The collies in Key West are now Sherman & Gemini.

    Dog speed and take care friend’

    Sherman & Gemini

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