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I am an artist.

The scope of the term “artist” is infinite and its meaning, variable. It means different things to different people. I use this term to encapsulate my desire to capture the beauty of nature and modify its presentation through my visual expression. I also use it for referring to my inability to stop drawing anything that tugs at my heartstrings. Animals top my list of heart-tuggers. The innocence that shines in their eyes and their body-language isn’t the studied innocence portrayed in many human subjects – it’s natural and divine.

I understand the pride of having a dog, a cat, or any other furry family member, and I know that most of us would love to have a portrait of our pet done, but very often, we stop ourselves, because the prices of portraiture are quite steep.

If you like my work and if you have a furry son, daughter, brother, or sister, you are welcome to write to me for a quote. My Pen and Ink portraits are a lot more affordable than my other artwork, because part of my payment comes in the form of the happiness I get from drawing them.

Why Pen & Ink Portraits?

Pen & Ink Portraits – because they create magic.

I use the medium of Pen & Ink to render my animal drawings and pet portraits because I love the challenge of capturing the myriad different shades and textures of their eyes, noses, and fur, through just one color – black. Pen & Ink portraits render beautifully in print (the reason why many classic literary magazines too gravitate toward printing black-and-white illustrations,) and the artwork is always breathtakingly beautiful. A Pen & Ink Portrait framed and hung on your wall strikes a chord in the onlooker at the first glance, and it inspires a closer look. The closer look usually results in a gasp of awe – because from afar you see those shades, and when you come closer you see how those shades have been achieved with a zillion lines. Also unlike Graphite and Oil works, Pen & Ink art isn’t at all forgiving. One wrong stroke takes you back to square one, because it can’t be erased, it can’t be hidden, it can’t be painted over. Pen and Ink art makes an artist vie for perfection by getting it right the first time, and I love the challenge of it.

What Else?

I work as an illustrator with magazines (mainly in the US.) I do both covers and inner-illustrations for these magazines. Sometimes, I do book/novel covers too. You can visit my other blog and  my caricatures gallery. Additionally, I do children’s book illustrations (if you are interested in viewing my style for children’s illustrations, please view some of them here at my children’s illustrations gallery.) I also take up private commissions for creating people- and pet-portraits.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please click here.

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