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Father’s eyes fastened to the summer-skies…cross-posting from my other blog.

The most terrible and unimaginable fate that can befall a father is that his daughter is raped violently and then killed. The two cases that made me cry silent tears were the Badaun Rape case or the Delhi Rape case – just two among thousands of other such cases.  I’ve talked about the experience of writing and drawing this, on my other blog shafali.wordpress.com. I am posting it here because it’s Pen and Ink art – a mere technicality. Perhaps I am doing it because I want you to read it and cry along – because they say pain reduces when it’s shared, or because your tears, even when shed thousands of miles away, could help a father’s ravaged soul heal…if not in life, then after his own death.

Father's eyes - the picture in his eye that won't fade - badaun and delhi gang rapes, violence against women - must stop.


Those girls hanging from the tree…they are real. They were gang-raped and then hung from a tree, and the father of one of the girls was informed that he could now get their bodies down from the tree and bring them home.

What kind of evil lurks beneath the surface of humanity?


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